dimanche 17 décembre 2017

Get Messy Season of Nature || 02

Week two of the Season of Nature and I already feel like I'm trying to fit everything in! Must be because Rituals is open for registration and that's a good thing!

My first spread is for Riet's language of flowers spread. The quote if from Le Petit Prince, a book that had a big impact on me notably because I identify with the Rose so much.

So naturally I wanted to add a quote from the book: "People in your world cultivate 5000 roses, yet they do not find what they are looking for" (my own translation).

The second part of the spread is found here.

"And yet, what they are looking for can be found in a single rose".

Roses also feature in my favirite book series, The Dark Tower by Stephen King. I think I identified so much with that story because of their very presence in it.

A lot of the other flowers I explored had soemthing to do with the passage between life and death or with communicating with the dead, or even notions of immortality and nostalgia. So that was so interesting to me because those or themes that I explore a lot in my life and art. 

I definitely plan on exploring those flowers further.

This next spread came out of a dream I had this week.

It was one of those strange ones that stay with you.

I kind of wanted to capture the feel of it but of course that is difficult to do.

I LOVE using sequins under packing tape.

For my last spread this week, I pulled cards out of my two art journaling decks: the We Are All Artists deck and the Art Journaling Game deck. I was feeling uninspired but these cards helped spark enough in me to give it a go.

The background is beet ink from my Witch's Brew (my new favorite color) and some Adirondak alcohol inks. 

I used water puddles and ink and let creatues emerge. The left side held birds (I was talking about the Cormorant in my Totems grousp this week) and the right has land creatures.

I love the result of this intuitive exploration.

I hope you are all having a great week!


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jeudi 14 décembre 2017

The Rituals class

I am so thrilled to bring you the Rituals Class. I have been immersed in the creation of this class for the last few months. Rituals is born out of my need to deepen my art journaling practice, to try new techniques and be intentional in my art. Rituals is based on the calendar and the wheel of the year.

Each month, we will explore a theme using one technique or medium. We will make two spreads, a solar and a lunar one. The solar spread explores the positive elements of the theme. The lunar spread explores the shadow aspects of the theme.

The themes themselves were chosen according to the festivals and celebrations that occur within that month according to variety of calendars and throughout time; from the contemporary solar calendar to the Asian lunar one, from Nordic mythology to pre-columbian practices, from pagan festivals to the celebrations we know today. 

A ritual is an act or a series of acts repeated regularly. I want us to consider our art journaling practice as a ritual, as a way of grounding ourselves in time and place, as a way to grow and nurture and evolve.

I want to share this with you! I hope you will join me in documenting your 2018 and growing your art journaling practice. Let's see where it will take us!

Find the Rituals Class here.

mercredi 13 décembre 2017

V's Daily Diary || my plan for 2018

A few weeks ago, I found this amazing planner when I was at my local art store in Beijing. It's so cool. 

The neon cover and the black edged pages were the clincher.

The cover is soft and pliable and I really like how the days are set up.

Every few pages there are quotes. I love the priorities box, the am/pm boxes etc. It makes me want to use it as an actual planner. Almost. Cause I have plans to continue doing "my day arted": the daily art project that Jules inspired a few of us to try.

I ended up really liking my 2017 diary even though I found it challenging at first. It worked when I gave myself permission not to work on it each day. I was putting pressure on myself and feeling like I was "behind" or "late" if I wasn't documenting each day on the day. I want to keep at it for next year but with a twist.

For 2017, it was anything goes: washi tape, scraps, drawings, paint, etc. You can see all my posts here. For next year, I'd like to focus more on drawing. Riet once discussed how she used the cast-offs from the magazine photos she uses in her art journaling. I use a lot of those in the zines I make with the Zine Squad. But Riet is right in that these pieces of paper are really still quite interesting. 

So my challenge will be for me to use one paper scrap from my stash and to draw something each day. I may continue the image on the scrap or just draw on top of it. I really like the idea of using random scraps that are either from my day or cast off from my other projects. My goal is to improve my drawing skills and to use those papers.

The big thing is what pen to use to draw. I did a pen test page as there is always the issue of the pen bleeding through the paper.

I feel like the Sharpie pen is probably my best bet. It's also the one I used in my diary for 2017.

 I'm very happy to have found a slightly more curated approach for the coming year. What about you? Will you be doing a daily art project? If so, what is it and if not, why not?

Let me know in the comments!

lundi 11 décembre 2017

Color Blast || my Grey Matter

Well here it is: my last post about the Color Blast project. Here is a flip through of my Grey journal. I love it so much. Everyone gave it a feminist/women/anatomical/magical feel and those are some of my very favorite subjects so I am just so happy with this journal.

Doing a long-winded collab like this is wonderful and especially when it is complete. We were lucky that no journal got lost or destroyed in transit! 2017 was definitely a year of collabs for me. I am looking forward to slowing down on that front in 2018.

Please take a look at eveyone's completed journals by clicking their names: Riet, Lauren, Julia, Moriah, Lauren and Sarah. Thank you all for making Grey Matter so special!

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