samedi 30 décembre 2017

December 30 Days of Lists || lists 17 to 30

It's always kind of a surprise when the lists are over! We are all lost for a couple of days! This year's December listing was a lot of fun in my notebook. Here is a look at the final two weeks. 

vendredi 29 décembre 2017

A final Get Messy CT blog hop

All good things come to an end, but the Creative Team wanted to do one last hurrah to celebrate our time together. We are doing an inspiration blog hop. Each one of us is making a spread as if we were the next member in the blog hop. If you followed the hop, you came here from Misty's blog. (I am totally in love with the Vanessa page she made BTW, like seriously, it's more me than my own work!!).

In any case, I get to be the ethereal Elizabeth. I am thrilled because her work is so minimal, fresh, yet full of beauty. So here is my take on Elizabeth's style:

I remembered Elizabeth's "sublime and rest" tutorial, one of my favorites ever from this year and that is what guided me for this spread.

The gifted flowers are also a metaphore for the gratitude I feel about Get Messy and about my time on the Creative Team.

 I feel grateful and lucky to be part of such a supportive community and I wanted to convey that.

So thank you xo

Head over to Elizabeth's blog to follow the inspiration hop!

samedi 23 décembre 2017

Get Messy Season of Nature || 03

This week was an amazing one for the work I'm doing for the Rituals Class, so I felt at first as if my Season of Nature journal wasn't getting the most of my attention. But after actually spending the time in my journal, I ended up loving my pages. I started this one with Riet's watercolor tutorial and really didn't like the result....until I found the creatures therein!

It made me think of the primordial soup and where we all come from!

I hadn't seen Lina's tutorial when I made this page but it is sweet serendipity that they are similar. I wanted to document the Norther Lights or Aurora Borealis, something I would definitely want to see in real life someday.

I used my most shimemry watercolors for this and added the finelines later.

It was probably fine without the line work but I wanted to show the movements that these lights make in the sky.

My last apeg for the week is for the Mother Nature prompt by Sasha. I was also testing out a technique for Rituals.

 The lines next to the head are made with avocado ink.

I love the layered effect in this collage. It's something I want to explore meore. the "Illuminatio" is from SKP magazine and was part of a digital collage series on some central themes: love, hunger, science, spirit.

In her core, life! 

I will be travelling until the 7th of January so for the next two weeks I won't be blogging my pages, only sharing them on Instagram. See you there!


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jeudi 21 décembre 2017

Pieces || a Get Messy class

I finished the Remnants journal that I made for the Pieces class. This class, taught by Johanna Clough, shows you how to make a junk journal and then fill it us with the "pieces" and scraps that make up our day to day.

I thoroughly enjoyed making the journal itself. The method is a simple, no sew technique that I can see myself revisiting in the future. I love the idea of using found papers or junk mail for this.

For this project, I decided to use my scraps and the ephemera that is left over from my book binding and zine work.

It was really cool to have a curated spread emerge from random papers. Some of the spreads are interactive, as Johanna showed us to do.

I was able to use symbolism to say something about being a mother in a strange land...all the while using junk mail, ephemera, old packaging and business cards.

This one is my favorite: an identity collage, all about me, using stuff from my stash.

Sometimes I let the background page dictate what the spread will be about. 

Sometimes, the meaning is clear only to me.

Sometimes it is the color palette that helps me decide what the spread will be about.

This one is another favorite about coffee and existential conversations.

This one was built from the background up and really spoke to something very specific, namely my feelings about the postal system in China.

And this final spread was the perfect home for the vellum piece with "you are magic" stamped on it. That particular piece is 4 years old!

If you love junk journaling or if you want to lean where to house the everyday ephemera we tend to accumulate, then Pieces is for you!

My biggest takeaway is constructing the journal and letting the pages emerge, with no preconceived reasoning. Just letting them evolve and come forth. That was a good exercise for me.

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